History + Mission


To build confidence though positive artistic opportunities.


To be known as a community theatre company that builds confidence in all, through positive artistic opportunities, so that people will be encouraged to share their gifts with others and make the world a better place.

Spotlight Milestones

May 2007 – Chris Churches along with Kristin Bradshaw started Sounds Of Joy, which focused mainly on teaching choir and vocal ensembles. Sounds Of Joy is now our sister company teaching a variety of private lessons on any instrument to students of all ages.

January 2010 – Jen Trostel (current founder and vice president) and Chris Churches, started Spotlight Kids Theatre and Co. Dedicated to producing quality original productions as an LLC. They produced 7 full length original musicals and worked with over 1000 kids.

August of 2013 – The first non-profit board was established and Spotlight Kids Theatre pursued their no-profit status as a 501c3 with the IRS.

July of 2014 – Spotlight Kids Theatre was approved as a charity and a non profit organization began anew!!

2014-2017 – Have produced 4 full length musicals and 4 junior productions, including writing. Have had numerous outreaches and is has worked with hundreds of kids in our community.

What's Childhood Without a Little Drama?