Production History


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2020 … Spotlight Showcase

2020 – Join us for our new Spotlight Showcase season that will teach singing, dancing, and acting!
This class will help kids grow in their artistic skills while making new friends and having lots of fun.
Curriculum will include group songs, dance numbers, ensembles, monologues, duets and more.
There will be a recital-type showcase on May 1st 2020 at the end of our season. Tell your friends, sign up today!

The Nativity…The Night Hope Was Born

Fall 2018 – For all kids ages 7-18. This is a humorous, yet touching, re-telling of our beloved Nativity. Two paralleling stories of Virginia and Jose overcoming great odds to give birth to a beautiful baby girl “Hope” on Christmas Eve in a beautiful B&B in Philadelphia…. All the while, Mary and Joseph are on a journey of their own, ending up in a stable, with the newborn baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes. We will need lots of kids of all ages who love to sing and dance and act and can bring this heartwarming original musical to life! Written and Directed by Chris Churches and Jen Trostel.

A Little Peace Of My Heart

Fall 2017

The Showcase

Spring 2017

Poor Little Rich Folks – Rewrapped

Fall 2016

Studio 7: Speak Life

Spring 2016

Operation Hope: Angels in Action

Fall 2015

Learning to be the Light: News at 9:00

Spring 2015
A humorous look back at Adam Plant’s life. Adam, a 70 year old man has decided to spend the evening outside waiting for a record breaking meteor shower. There, he meets Kate Smith, a young, but ambitious rookie reporter looking for a human interest story that will knock the socks off her bosses during sweeps week. Well, she gets more than she bargained for with Adam. He has quite a bit of history with the stars and together they look back over the comedies and tragedies of his life… and find out what made him the man he is today.

Faith Hope & Love

Spring Season 2010
It’s amazing the ripple effect one small act of love can have. In this original full length musical, relationships are forever changed by the pay it forward affect of a small act of kindness.

Poor Little Rich Folks: A Song of Two Families

Holiday Season 2010
Meet the McHumbles, poor in money but rich in happiness, and the Richardsons, who have everything money can buy, but are very miserable. These two families become neighbors, and through a series of unfortunate events, and against all odds, become best friends. Humor and folly over the holidays and a message of love and generosity that would inspire the scroogiest of scrooges.

The Fable Factory

Spring Season 2009
This humorous musical followed a rambunctious family through a portal time machine that took them on the greatest journey of their life. They found the wolf, Cinderella, the silly fairy godmother, the three little pigs and so many more of our most beloved characters. Chaos and humor ensued as the children all had to learn their own important lessons about respect and obedience.

Miracle Mash-up

The show must go on right? Well kind of. Join the kids of Westley High as they try to continue the Annual Spring Musical, against all odds. Miracles happen every day, you just have to be watching!

Silly Songs

Did you know who was Baby Jesus’ great great great great great great times 2, plus eight, great grandmother? Her name is Ruth, go look it up, just take a look, it’s in the Book. Silly Songs has a cast of over 100 kids and the music and the story will keep you laughing and so happy for the true meaning of Christmas!

A Little Peace of My Heart

Who got the golden ticket? Only a few special kids from around the country get chosen to sing in the “President’s Peace Choir” and the ones chosen must fly to Washington DC and perform for a giant tree lightning ceremony on Christmas day. Watch what happens when kids from Texas, Minnesota, California, Florida and Kansas, all with dreams and problems of their own, get stuck in Chicago O’Hare’s airport for the biggest blizzardy night of their life. Can they learn the true meaning of Christmas among the weary travelers in the airport and will they learn to share… a little peace of their heart!

What's Childhood Without a Little Drama?